The Commodore C900

As for now, I have no c900 anymore. Both owned items had been sold a time ago. They now have a new home and a new, caring owner. Thus, see this page (rest of page unchanged) as historical data. At least I do it that way... ;-)

Long awaited (mostly from me) now here they are: pictures of my (last, yet) Commodore C900. Taken as of  31 Oct 2001 with an elder Olympus Camedia (1.3 MPixels). That C900 is a reconfigured model; it does not have 4 serial ports, only 3 are left. Instead it has a nice graphical interface for a special monitor-tube; the screen then has CGA capabilities and text mode is graphic mode black text on white background. Very fine working with that configuration. Oh yes, you can use text mode interface as well...

Pic 1: C900 frontside. keyboard plugin visible.Commodore C900 (1985): Frontside

 Commodore C900 (1985): Frontside, leftPic 2: C900 frontside. left side, keyboard plugin visible.

Commodore C900 (1985): Rearside
Pic 3: C900 rear side. From left:
upper line: power interface (220V/50Hz), Papst fan;
middle line: TTL-monitor interface, RS232 #3 interface, CGA-Monitor interface (DIN 5-pin);
lower line: printer interface, RS232 #2 interface, RS232 #1 interface, Reset key, Commodore user port.


Pic 4: rearside, rightCommodore C900 (1985): Reartside, right

 Commodore C900 (1985): Rearside, leftPic 5: rearside, left

Commodore C900 (1985): Inside
Pic 6: inside

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